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In the summer of 2016, we sold and stored almost everything we owned and moved our family from Hood River, Oregon to a small town in Southeast England. Now we’re preparing to take off for a five month road trip through Europe in our caravan before we make our way home and open our brewery…



Our brewery will be a home away from home where we will invite you to sit at our table and share a blush colored Saison, sip a flavorful pale ale in the garden, or commune with friends around the fire with a beer dreamed up by (award winning brewer) Kyle.


The mission is to create a place that feels like the extension of our ideal home - warm, inviting, vibrant, inclusive… a place where you can relax, have beer and food with good friends, propose to your loved one in the gardens, stop after a mountain bike ride with your kids, or sit outside with a good book.

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