We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves: we are Kyle and Kacie, and Kings & Daughters is our brewery. Almost three years ago we left our home in beautiful Hood River, Oregon in search of inspiration and adventure. We spent two and a half years living in southeast England where Kyle had been hired as the head brewer at Siren Craft Brew. Now we’re at the start of a grand four month adventure with our three children, after which we will return to Hood River, open our brewery, and be able to share our beers with our family and friends in the Pacific Northwest. The goal of the trip we’re on is to expose our children and ourselves to different cultures, flavors, and experiences that will help inspire the beers we will create, and further inspire our brewery.

We’d planned a trip meticulously, with a detailed route that would take us and our caravan, Brexit, in a loop around Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Great Britain, but the eve before we were due to depart, our caravan was stolen, and along with it almost everything we had left with us in England. With the help of our communities both here in Europe and back home in America, we’ve managed to rebuild a new Plan B Adventure that will take us along part of our original route, and to yet unplanned locations. We’re ready to be surprised and inspired and to bring the things we absorb together as a family back home with us - and to translate those sights, flavors, and experiences into a variety of wonderful beers and dishes we can share with all of you.

Over the coming weeks we will share more about ourselves, and our adventures with you.

Thanks for being here.

Kyle, Kacie & Kids

Kings & Daughters Brewery
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